World sprint champion and Bankstown cyclist Sean Eadie has had some of his most memorable rides at Dunc Gray. Eadie was one of Australia’s outstanding Olympic cyclists and won bronze as a member of the men’s team pursuit in 2000.

The club’s cycling prowess remained evident into the new millennium with Rochelle Gilmore as a new shinning star. After a silver medal in the Junior World Championships in 2000, Rochelle defeated the world champion in the “Centro Carnivale”, Italy’s richest women’s road race. The win followed Gilmore’s dramatic stage win in the Women’s Tour of Italy, which, at the age of 19, made her the youngest winner of a stage in a major tour, men’s or women’s. Closer to home, Sean Eadie, Paul Bayly and Jason Coleman won the NSW Olympic Sprint Championship, delivering the title to Bankstown for the second year in succession.

At World Championships in Copenhagen in 2002 Gilmore won a silver medal and Eadie, gold and silver.