The Beginning

March 1, 1970

Bankstown Sports Amateur Cycling Club was formed in March 1970, after Canterbury-Bankstown Cycling Club approached Bankstown District Sports Club. The cycling club thrived almost immediately in this new form, and has grown to become a successful australian cycling fellowship producing many national title holders and internationally recognised cyclists. Lionel Cox…

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January 1, 1980

Cycling was on the Olympic calendar and, as such, enjoyed a relatively high profile. The deeds of the cyclists attracted considerable world attention and Bankstown Sports’ remarkable cycling record continued into the ’80s. In 1980 Bankstown Sports Cycle Club’s junior cyclists – Owen Cricket, Dave Whetters, Mark McGurgan and Robert…

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January 1, 1981

In 1981 the cycling club provided the two Cyclists of the Year Awards -Robert Balmer and Vicki Carne. A host of Bankstown Sports cyclists carried the club flag with distinction among them 43-year-old Alan Dutton who won the prestigious Goulburn to Liverpool Cycling Classic. Dutton had come out of a…

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February 1, 1982

Cyclist Chris Wilson’s selection in the Australian Commonwealth Games team for Brisbane 82 was a further sporting highlight. In the games cycling trials, Wilson won the 10,000 metres event. Wilson, a senior rider at Bankstown, finished second in the Australian Track Pursuits Teams race, third in the Time Trial and…

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January 1, 1985

In 1985 the death of cycling president of 12 years Les Hall was greeted with sadness throughout the sport. Hall had been a tireless worker for both the young and old cyclists. A respected man throughout the Australian cycling community, he represented at State and National levels and was at…

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January 1, 1988

In 88 there were more outstanding achievements at the club when brother and sister Mark and Alison Kingsland both won medals at the Australian Cycling Championships. Mark won gold, silver and bronze, breaking the Australian Junior Pursuit record, and Alison won bronze. Mark was selected in the Australian team for…

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February 1, 1991

Another young champion followed in Steve Shiel. By 1991 Steve had won 47 gold medals and 3 silver medals in competitions as well as winning the NSW 500 metres time trial and gold at the Australian teams pursuit. Coach Fred Cobcroft built all the young champion’s bikes. Shiel continued the…

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January 1, 1995

Bankstown Sports member Jerome Trudgett was 80 when he won a gold medal in his age group at the Masters Cycling Games in Perth. Trudgett was the treasurer of the Sports Cycling Club and also the grandfather of the NSW and Australian track star Glen Trudgett who was one Australia’s…

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January 1, 1997

The Bankstown Sports Clubs junior cyclist Jeff Hopkins won the World Junior Cycling kilometre title in South Africa, as well as finishing with silver in the sprint. So outstanding had Hopkins been in ’97 that he was nominated for “Australian Cyclist of the Year”. The Club continued to produce outstanding…

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January 1, 1999

As 1999 came to an end, the key Olympic venue for Bankstown – the Dunc Gray Velodrome – was ready to host its first event. Located at the Crest, the velodrome stood as a splendid, modern piece of architecture, the roof emulating the look of a modern racing helmet, a…

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2000 and Beyond

January 1, 2000

World sprint champion and Bankstown cyclist Sean Eadie has had some of his most memorable rides at Dunc Gray. Eadie was one of Australia’s outstanding Olympic cyclists and won bronze as a member of the men’s team pursuit in 2000. The club’s cycling prowess remained evident into the new millennium…

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