Bankstown Sports member Jerome Trudgett was 80 when he won a gold medal in his age group at the Masters Cycling Games in Perth. Trudgett was the treasurer of the Sports Cycling Club and also the grandfather of the NSW and Australian track star Glen Trudgett who was one Australia’s top three sprinters at the time. Jerome Trudgett went on to win five gold medals in the Masters Cycling Championships in Melbourne.

For the first time in the club’s history, the amateur pursuit team won the 1994 State title, and in State record time. The pursuit team of Andrew McGee, Peter Bundy, Trevor Jordan, Peter Clayton and Nathan Russell provided the club with one of its finest victories.

Canadian-born Lucy Tyler-Sharman was one of the better-known names in Australian sport in the mid-1990s as much for her public spats with fellow cyclist Kathy Watts and Australia’s Olympic cycling coach Charlie Walsh as for her cycling. Tyler-Sharman rode at the World titles in 1994 and 1995 while a member of Bankstown Sports’ Cycling Club. She left for Western Australia in 1996, winning a bronze at the World titles in the same year and a silver in the pursuit in the ’96 Olympics.

The death of cycling’s Herb Townsend in 1996 was felt throughout the club as he was a much loved worker and had been committed to cycling for many years.