COVID-19 Training changes

  1. Online Sign On
  2. Temperature is checked on entry (> 37.5  will be turned back)
  3. Card Payment accepted
  4. Seating 1.5m spacing –  no changing  of seats during session allowed
  5. Single entry via ramp and exit via driveway.
  6. We encourage  hand sanitizer use as needed.


Our Monday session starts at 6 pm. The format is short track intervals alternating between Juniors & Seniors


On Monday, the track session starts at 6pm for Juniors and a 100 lap paceline kicking off around 7pm.
On Wednesday, the track session starts at 6pm for Juniors, with Seniors warming up above the blue line from 6:45pm.
The popular 160 lap (40km) paceline starts at 7pm.