If you are racing/training make sure you have your digital membership to present to the registration desk. You will need to have proof of membership at all races to ensure our club knows that you are eligible to race/train.

Your digital membership card can be obtained in two ways:

You will see the option to add the card to your smartphone at the bottom of your welcome email.  (Search for “TidyHQ” in email app) Make sure you open the email on your mobile device for this to work.
You will see the option to add the card to your smartphone’s wallet in your TidyHQ contact profile.Log into your TidyHQ contact profile on the phone that you want your digital card on. Click on the ‘Memberships’ tab and you should see a similar screenshot to that below.

Now simply select the appropriate option for your phone (iPhone = Apple Wallet or Android = Google Play)

• Android users will need to download the latest version of Google Pay from the Google Play Store.
• If you do not have a digital membership card, you can simply present the receipt from when you purchased.